All our smoked cheeses are made from 100% natural milk. Prior to smoking, the cheeses are extra-aged to enhance taste. Our cheese masters then slowly, meticulously, naturally cold-smoke each piece of cheese for six hours using a special aged Apple pulp and hardwood to achieve our unique flavor profile. A hint of apple flavor can be tasted in each sharp rich flavored piece. Our accent to the perfect smoked flavor.

Our smoked cheeses are great as table cheeses, to complement your favorite fruit plates, shredded on tacos, shredded on pizza, added to traditional Italian dishes, or as toppings on warm veggies and burgers.

Naturally Good Kosher cheeses promote a healthy way of life. Our Cheeses are 100% all natural and use no artifical additives or preservatives. We maintain highly supervised production guidelines to ensure the best quality cheese with the most uncompromising flavor. Our Cheeses are also suitable for vegetarians and use no animal rennet.

Naturally Good Kosher cheese is produced under strict Quality and Food Safety Assurance guidelines.

Kosher sales have increased dramatically across the country in the past several years and this trend is not stopping. We are a national category leader with a passion for providing consumers with healthier, all natural, preservative free cheeses. Try some today and taste the difference!